Abstracts from 22nd Congress of the European Association of Dental Public Health - Challenges in Oral Epidemiology Held in Vilnius 8 - 10 June 2017

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Online-only supplement to Community Dental Health 34(3)
Community Dental Health (2017) 34, S1–S53
© BASCD 2017

The first four abstracts, of those that appear below, were selected for Members Oral Presentations,
in competition for the GSK EADPH research prize of € 3000. They were not presented as posters.
The GSK EADPH Research prize for 2017 was won by Dr Emma Hall-Scullin for her oral presentation of “A longitudinal study of caries incidence and prevalence from childhood through to adolescence.”
The other abstracts were all accepted for presentation as posters, followed by five minute oral presentations in one of eight sessions, which were on:
Oral epidemiology 1 (dental caries in children)
Oral epidemiology 2 (dental caries in adults)
Health services research
Oral health promotion
Oral epidemiology 3 ( periodontology and other topics)
Oral epidemiology 4
Oral health quality of life
Other topics
The abstracts for these eight sessions appear after the four for members oral presentations and are
grouped under the above eight titles

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