Determinants of anterior tooth loss in Chilean adults: data from the Chilean National Health Survey 2016-2017.

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  • Rodrigo Berrios Vigneaux
  • Juan Pablo Vargas Buratovic
  • Florencia Moreno
  • Beatriz Mellado Torres
  • Cynthia Cantarutti Martinez
  • Oslando Padilla Perez
  • Paula Margozzini Maira
  • Duniel R. Ortuño Borroto


Objective: To describe prevalence of anterior tooth loss and its determinants among Chilean people aged over 15 years. Methods: Crosssectional study, using the sampling frame of the Chilean National Health Survey 2016-2017 (n=5473 participants). Multivariate logistic
regressions were performed to obtain the prevalence and odds ratio (OR) for anterior tooth loss using a complex sampling method. We
described anterior tooth loss affecting each jaw according to sex, age, educational level, urban/rural residence and having health insurance.
Results: The odds of anterior tooth loss were 7.11 (95%CI: 4.57 – 10.78) and 4.84 (95%CI: 3.02 – 7.72) times higher for low-educated
subjects compared to those with more educational, for the upper and lower jaw respectively. Also, the odds of anterior tooth loss for the
upper jaw was 1.34 (CI 95%: 1.07 – 1.66) times higher in women, whereas for the lower jaw, no significant differences by sex were
found (p-value 0.14). Adults having only the National Health Fund B insurance (FONASA B) had odds of losing one or more anterior
teeth 2.43 (CI 95%: 1.34 – 4.39) times higher in the upper jaw and 2.08 (CI 95%: 1.03 - 4.20) in the lower jaw compared with those
having Health Insurance Institutions (ISAPREs). Conclusion: Our study showed for the first time that anterior tooth loss is a widespread
condition in Chile, with marked inequities by sex, age, educational level, and geographical area. People in the public health insurance
system have a higher odds of anterior tooth loss.
Keywords: Prevalence, Educational level, Chile, Anterior tooth loss, National Health Survey

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