BASCD-Borrow Foundation Early Career Poster Award Winning Entry 2019: Effectiveness of The Wikipedia Collaboration of Dental Schools’ Training Programme: a new Paradigm for Teaching and Learning of Evidence-Based Dentistry

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  • Tan, L.
  • Lai, S.M.
  • Geres, N.
  • Innes, N.P.T.
  • Radford, J.R.
  • Revie, G.
  • Mossey, P.A.
  • Hector, M.


Background: The Wikipedia Collaboration of Dental Schools (WCODS) is a student-led initiative that aims to publish high quality scientific, evidence-based dental content on the Wikipedia online encyclopaedia by equipping its members to use research, critical appraisal and
writing skills to create accurate content. In 2019, the Collaboration launched a standardised training programme developed by Wikimediatrained committee members, academic dental school staff and the Cochrane Oral Health global community. Objective: To evaluate the
effectiveness of this training programme in ensuring WCODS editors follow the processes underpinning Evidence-Based Dentistry (EBD).
Method: A cohort of dental students and staff (n=136) from six dental schools in the UK and Malaysia took part in a standardised and
structured training programme at the annual WCODS training meeting. Participants’ abilities and their perceived levels of confidence in
carrying out critical analysis of the literature were measured using pre- and post-training surveys, and competency assessments. Results:
Participants’ skills in conducting literature searches, critical appraisal of the findings and creating and editing a Wikipedia page improved
after training. Conclusion: The training programme provided participants with the skill set and confidence to apply best practice to create
and edit Wikipedia entries. This Collaboration intends to recruit more contributors to improve global oral health literacy using the free
online Wikipedia encyclopaedia.
Keywords: Wikipedia, Evidence-Based Dentistry, Curriculum, Dental Students, Dentistry, Training Programme

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