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September 2023
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CDH Board September 2023 open access 131 131 Download
Editorial: Clinical Education Research and Dental Public Health open access 132 133 10.1922/CDH_Sept23Editorial02 Download
Socioeconomic inequalities in dental visits among high school students in Chile, years 2013 and 2017 full access 134 138 10.1922/CDH_00276Garrido-Urrutia05 Download
The impact of restricted access on the need and demand for specialist dental services – A consideration for future needs assessments full access 139 145 10.1922/CDH_00122Keat07 Download
Social determinants of health for moderate and severe periodontal disease in rural and urban populations full access 146 153 10.1922/CDH_00169Falcon-Flores08 Download
The Dental Health of Looked After Children in the UK and Dental Care Pathways: A Scoping Review open access 154 161 10.1922/CDH_00252Hurry08 Download
Oral health profile of Australian children from different immigrant backgrounds full access 162 169 10.1922/CDH_00268Soares08 Download
Sociodemographic disparities in oral health-related quality of life of schoolchildren in rural and urban areas full access 170 175 10.1922/CDH_00051Nora06 Download
Long-term Effectiveness of Integrated Caries Preventive Programs in Thailand Among Preschool Children Using a System Dynamics Model open access 176 181 10.1922/CDH_00078Oo06 Download
Adults’ estimated prevalence of healthy behavior in society and self-reported oral health status and behaviors full access 182 186 10.1922/CDH_00089Shariati05 Download
Application of the Life Grid in Oral Health Research: A Scoping Review full access 187 194 10.1922/CDH_00088Salehi08 Download
open access Free Access no access No Access full access Full Access

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