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June 2024 Supplement
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BASCD 2024 Abstract #01: Dental health literacy: A review of Health A-Z open access 1 1 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract01 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #02: Interim evaluation of pilot for unregistered patients and asylum seekers (PUPAS) scheme open access 2 2 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract02 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #03: Income inequality in dental visits among Chinese children open access 3 3 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract03 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #04: Association between housing characteristics and dental caries among children in USA open access 4 4 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract04 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #05: Rapid review of intervention studies to reduce inequalities in dental caries among children open access 5 5 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract05 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #06: Child and family impact of dental caries in Welsh year 1 schoolchildren open access 6 6 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract06 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #07: Association between activities of daily living and oral health among older Saudi adults open access 7 7 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract07 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #08: Dental attendance for children in care: facilitators and barriers open access 8 8 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract08 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #09: Increasing consent for school fluoride varnish programme: engaging schools and incorporating co-design open access 9 9 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract09 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #10: A service evaluation of dental care pathways for people living with dementia open access 10 10 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract10 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #11: Exploring barriers and facilitators to supervised toothbrushing programmes in England open access 11 11 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract11 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #12: Waiting list management in primary dental care in Yorkshire and the Humber open access 12 12 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract12 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #13: A benchmarking tool to support quality assurance in NHS dental practices open access 13 13 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract13 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #14: NHS dental activity across England - a snapshot pre-pandemic to now open access 14 14 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract14 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #15: Targeted oral health prevention for children living in deprived areas within Hertfordshire open access 15 15 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract15 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #16: Reducing oral health inequalities for those experiencing homelessness: Humber and North Yorkshire open access 16 16 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract16 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #17: Dental fear/anxiety among children: a cross-sectional study of prevalence and association caregivers' perspective aspects open access 17 17 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #18: A co-creation approach to integrate oral health promotion into English language teaching open access 18 18 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #19: Which upstream interventions are effective for promoting oral health and reducing inequalities? open access 19 19 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract19 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #20: A modelling methodology exploring the effect of distance patients travel to NHS services open access 20 20 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract20 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #21: A deep dive into London's domiciliary dental services open access 21 21 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract21 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #22: Blackpool Together: integrated working and community engagement for improving children's oral health open access 22 22 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract22 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #23: Using a mobile van to provide treatment for severe multiple disadvantaged patients open access 23 23 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract23 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #24: Co-designing an oral health promotion application for parents to address childhood caries open access 24 24 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract24 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #25: Cracking the sugar code: Welsh teenagers' perspectives on sugar content in beverages open access 25 25 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract25 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #26: Lambeth early action partnership (LEAP): oral health promotion in the earliest years open access 26 26 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract26 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #27: Forecasting dental caries and periodontal diseases until 2050 using system dynamics open access 27 27 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract27 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #28: Parental priorities in oral health education for children with type 1 diabetes open access 28 28 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract28 Download
BASCD 2024 Abstract #29: Digital oral health biomarkers: A public health use open access 29 29 10.1922/CDH_BASCD24_Abstract29 Download
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