Community Dental Health

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September 2010
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0265 539X
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Articles from this issue

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Editorial - The challenges of designing and evaluating complex interventions open access 130 132 10.1922/CDH_2695Bonetti03 Download
Plaque, caries level and oral hygiene habits in young patients receiving orthodontic treatment open access 133 138 10.1922/CDH_2401Martignon06 Download
The voice of the elderly in accepting alternative perspectives on oral health open access 139 144 10.1922/CDH_2468Brondani06 Download
Social determinants of dental health services utilisation of Greek adults open access 145 150 10.1922/CDH_2431Pavi06 Download
Oral health and treatment needs of institutionalized chronic psychiatric patients in Istanbul, Turkey. open access 151 157 10.1922/CDH_ 2443Gurbuz07 Download
Barriers to oral health care amongst different social classes in India. open access 158 162 10.1922/CDH_2426Garcha05 Download
Social differences in tooth decay occurrence in a sample of children aged 3 to 5 in North-East Italy open access 163 166 10.1922/CDH_2421Ferro04 Download
Child oral health concerns amongst parents and primary care givers in a Sure Start Local Programme open access 167 171 10.1922/CDH_2458Daly05 Download
A 6-year longitudinal study of caries in teenagers and the effect of “dropouts” on the findings open access 172 177 10.1922/CDH_ 2444Árnadóttir06 Download
The dentist workforce in Kuwait to the year 2020. open access 178 183 10.1922/CDH_ 2481Moussa06 Download
The distribution of individual tooth impaction in general dental patients of Northern India open access 184 186 10.1922/CDH_2344Jena03 Download
Short Communication - Wheelchair-accessible dental offices in Nagasaki, Japan open access 187 190 10.1922/CDH_2429Fukuda04 Download
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