Community Dental Health

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September 2011
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0265 539X
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Articles from this issue

Title Level Of Access Page StartPage EndD.O.I. Action
Editorial - Position papers by EADPH Special Interest Groups full access 190 190 10.1922/CDH_2011Editorial01 Download
Tooth wear and erosion: Methodological issues in epidemiological and public health research and the future research agenda full access 191 195 10.1922/CDH_2796Ganss05 Download
The relationship between tooth wear in the primary and permanent dentitions full access 196 200 10.1922/CDH_2527SalesPeres05 Download
The efficacy of dentifrices on extrinsic tooth stains among community dwelling adults in India – a randomised controlled trial full access 201 205 10.1922/CDH_2587Prasad05 Download
Clinical and socio-demographic factors influencing the oral health-related quality of life of Chinese elders full access 206 210 10.1922/CDH_2574Lin05 Download
The effects of chronic pain on oral health related quality of life in patients with anterior disc displacement with reduction. full access 211 215 10.1922/CDH_2560Karacayli05 Download
Dental self-care and visiting behaviour in relation to social inequality in caries experience full access 216 221 10.1922/CDH_2573Brennan Download
Clinical evaluation of chlorhexidine for the control of dental biofilm in children with special needs full access 222 226 10.1922/CDH_2593Santos05 Download
Oral health related quality of life among children with parents and those with no parents full access 227 231 10.1922/CDH_2531Tadakamadla05 Download
Psychometric properties of long and short forms of the Child Perceptions Questionnaire (CPQ11-14) in a Thai population full access 232 237 10.1922/CDH_ 2588Gururatana06 Download
Dental examiners consistency in applying the ICDAS criteria for a caries prevention community trial full access 238 242 10.1922/CDH_ 2612Nelson05 Download
Investing in professional advocacy: a case study of a successful fluoridation campaign in rural New South Wales, Australia full access 243 247 10.1922/CDH_2555Sivaneswaran05 Download
Relationship of caries and fluorosis in adolescents from high- and low-fluoride areas in Iran full access 248 252 10.1922/CDH_2614MeyerLückel05 Download
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