Community Dental Health

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September 2013
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0265 539X
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Articles from this issue

Title Level Of Access Page StartPage EndD.O.I. Action
Editorial - The Challenges of Scientific Publishing open access 130 131 10.1922/CDH_201303Robinson02 Download
The origins of BASCD and the Specialty of Dental Public Health: Some personal memories open access 132 133 10.1922/CDH_3262Dowell02 Download
Dental Public Health in Action - Oral health education and disease prevention in primary dental care: Insight from a pilot intervention targeting children aged 0-7 years in northeast England open access 134 137 10.1922/CDH_3185Holmes04 Download
Caries prevalence in 12-year-old children from Germany: Results of the 2009 national survey open access 138 142 10.1922/CDH_3138Pieper05 Download
Longitudinal register study of attendance frequencies in public and private dental services in Finland open access 143 148 10.1922/CDH_3214Widström06 Download
The geographic distribution of patients seeking emergency dental care at the Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne, Australia open access 149 154 10.1922/CDH_3124Kruger06 Download
Using GIS to analyse dental practice distribution in Indiana, USA open access 155 160 10.1922/CDH_3175Kruger06 Download
Oral health care services utilisation in the adult US population: Medical Expenditure Panel Survey 2006 open access 161 167 10.1922/CDH_3096Christian07 Download
Dental infections increase the likelihood of hospital admissions among adult patients with sickle cell disease open access 168 172 10.1922/CDH_3126Laurence05 Download
Preschool teachers as agents of oral health promotion: an intervention study in Sri Lanka open access 173 177 10.1922/CDH_3192Fernando05 Download
Oral health literacy and information sources among adults in Tehran, Iran open access 178 182 10.1922/CDH_3159Yazdani05 Download
Child oral health-related quality of life (COHQoL), enamel defects of the first permanent molars and caries experience among children in Western Australia open access 183 188 10.1922/CDH_3117Arrow06 Download
Oral health-related quality of life in non-syndromic cleft lip and/or palate patients: a systematic review open access 189 195 10.1922/CDH_3225Antonarakis07 Download
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