Community Dental Health

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September 2014
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0265 539X
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Articles from this issue

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Editorial - Celebrating 50 years of water fluoridation in Birmingham – a time for decision-makers to tackle high tooth decay rates elsewhere open access 130 131 10.1922/CDH_201403Cotton02 Download
Dental Public Health in Action - Training dental nurses with additional skills in oral health education and application of fluoride varnish: activity impact and challenges open access 132 135 10.1922/CDH_3461Csikar04 Download
Frequency of daily tooth brushing: predictors of change in 9- to 11-year old US children open access 136 140 10.1922/CDH_3321Polk05 Download
Caries experience and treatment needs among Albanian 12-year-olds open access 141 144 10.1922/CDH_3366Hysi04 Download
Experience of racism and tooth brushing among pregnant Aboriginal Australians: exploring psychosocial mediators open access 145 152 10.1922/CDH_3298Ben08 Download
Dietary intake of calcium, vitamins A and E and bleeding on probing in Sri Lankan preschoolers open access 153 157 10.1922/CDH_3337Ekanayake05 Download
Type II diabetes and oral health: perceptions among adults with diabetes and oral/health care providers in Ghana open access 158 162 10.1922/CDH_3329Broder05 Download
Dental caries among children in Georgia by age, gender, residence location and ethnic group open access 163 166 10.1922/CDH_3362Cohen04 Download
Access, literacy and behavioural correlates of poor self-rated oral health amongst an Indigenous South Australian population open access 167 171 10.1922/CDH_3316Jones05 Download
Effect of second mailing for consent on child dental survey results open access 172 175 10.1922/CDH_3384Morgan04 Download
Evaluation of a capacity building clinical educational model for oral health clinicians treating very young children open access 176 182 10.1922/CDH_3379Martin07 Download
The significance of motivation in periodontal treatment: The influence of adult patients’ motivation on the clinical periodontal status open access 183 187 10.1922/CDH_3253Gajewska05 Download
Evaluation of internet search trends of some common oral problems, 2004 to 2014 open access 188 192 10.1922/CDH_3330Harorlı05 Download
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