Community Dental Health

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September 2018
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0265 539X
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Articles from this issue

Title Level Of Access Page StartPage EndD.O.I. Action
A UK and Partisan view of Brexit and Dental Public Health full access 130 131 10.1922/CDH_Robinson02 Download
Dental Public Health in Action: Putting oral health on the local public health agenda full access 132 135 10.1922/CDH_4068Walker04 Download
Dental Public Health In Action: Barriers to oral healthcare provision for older people in residential and nursing care homes: A mixed method evaluation and strategy development in County Durham, North East England full access 136 139 10.1922/CDH_4143Ahmad04 Download
Confirmatory factor analysis of the health literacy in dentistry scale (HeLD) in the Australian population open access 140 147 10.1922/CDH_4325Ju08 Download
The relationships among consumption of fruits, tooth loss and obesity full access 148 152 10.1922/CDH_4235Chari05 Download
School-based oral health education increases caries inequalities full access 153 159 10.1922/CDH_4145Qadri07 Download
Social gradient in caries experience of Belgian adults 2010 full access 160 166 10.1922/CDH_4254Lambert07 Download
Patients’ willingness to pay for dental services in a population with limited restorative services full access 167 172 10.1922/CDH_4227Nyamuryekunge06 Download
Oral health behaviours and oral health-related dietary behaviours: The interrelationship and determinants by latent class analysis full access 173 178 10.1922/CDH_4276Enshaei06 Download
Depressive symptoms and untreated coronal dental caries among adults ages 21-64 years, NHANES 2013-2014 full access 179 185 10.1922/CDH_4304Weiner07 Download
Fluoride content of toothpastes available in South Africa full access 186 192 10.1922/CDH_4294Vorster07 Download
open access Free Access no access No Access full access Full Access

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