Community Dental Health

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December 2023
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Abstracts Presented on 15 September 2023 during 27th Annual European Association of Dental Public Health (EADPH) Congress Introduction open access 0 0 10.1922/CDH_EAPDHAbstracts2023 Download
CDH Board 2023 open access 195 195 Download
Editorial: BASCD at 50 open access 196 198 10.1922/CDH_00098French03 Download
Dental Public Health in Action: Oral Health Advice for Looked-After-Children: A pilot care pathway in Buckinghamshire, UK open access 199 204 10.1922/CDH_00048Sinclair06 Download
Associations and discrepancies between global self-ratings of oral health and general health: a Bayesian approach full access 205 211 10.1922/CDH_00215Soares07 Download
Investigating a Causal Relationship Between Diabetes Mellitus and Oropharyngeal Cancer: A Mendelian Randomization Study full access 212 220 10.1922/CDH_00025Huang09 Download
Risk factors for oral frailty among community-dwelling pre-frail older adults in Japan: A cross-sectional analysis open access 221 226 10.1922/CDH_00030Miku06 Download
Determinants of Early Childhood Caries and their interactions: A Structural Equation Modelling approach full access 227 232 10.1922/CDH_00017Gunasinghe06 Download
Modelling a Consultant Workforce for the United Kingdom: needs-based planning for Dental Public Health full access 233 241 10.1922/CDH_00045Gallagher09 Download
Marginalization and tooth loss in older Mexican adults open access 242 247 10.1922/CDH_00099GarciaPerez06 Download
Mini-publics in dental public health policymaking full access 248 251 10.1922/CDH_00077Lowery04 Download
Methodological Issues with Head and Neck Cancer Prognostic Risk Prediction Models full access 252 260 10.1922/CDH_00015Ghanati09 Download
Addendum to: The WHO Action Plan for Oral Health – How Can the EADPH Contribute - Opportunities and Challenges open access 261 261 10.1922/CDH_00039Yusuf05A Download
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